Brasilia: Flying Area, Launch Sites e Weather

Brasília has the perfect task flying area, it is located over a plateau at 1,000mts ASL, with flatlands and landing areas almost everywhere. There are paved roads around most of the waypoints, which also have flat and clear landing areas.

Even if we have some alternative goals, the main one is going to be the “Esplanada dos Ministérios”, because it is close to the Headquarters, within minutes from the hotels and it provides an excellent opportunity for media exposure.

Launch Sites

The launch site is a little over a one-hour drive from Brasilia, exactly 92km, with 85km of asphalt and only 7km on a flat dirt road. All the roads in Brasilia are suitable for private or rental cars; most of the roads are paved and, those that are not, are in good enough condition so that any small or economy car can easily drive on it.

The launch site works with NE/E/SE winds, it is located on a high plateau so there are no mountains to drive up to; all types of cars have easy access to the launch area with plenty of space for parking.

The local regulations will set the takeoff limit for 40 km/h of constant wind and 52 km/h of gusts, measured on the ramp at man’s height.


August is the driest month of the year, averaging lows around 15% humidity and temperature ranging from 30°C during the day down to 16°C on chilly nights. Cloudbase normally lies between 2,500mts and 3,500mts ASL.

The best time of day to open the launch window is around noon, with good thermals to help pilots stay in the air. The thermals start weakening around 5:00pm, allowing a window of 4 to 5 hours for the tasks to be flown.

Airspace and Other Restrictions

A Notam will be issued for this event, assuring a safe airspace to all pilots involved.

Due to the heavy air traffic around the international airport of Brasília, a flying area with altitude limitations will be established and there will be an entrance corridor to the city, to be used on tasks with goal at the Esplanade. All pilots on the competition must strictly abide to it.

The entrance corridor to Brasilia is already twice as large as the one used on the 2016 test event.
Altitude limitations on the task area are under negotiations with the aeronautical authorities to possibly be released to higher limits.
Precise information will be explained during Mandatory Safety Briefing, and informed every day on the task board.

Local Regulation

Used in conjunction with the most recent versions of:
• General Section of the FAI Sporting Code.
• Common Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code.
• Section 7A of the FAI Sporting Code.
• CIVL GAP – Centralised cross-country competition scoring for hang gliding and paragliding.


Practice Period: No date restrictions for flights, except flying over the city of Brasília and landing on the Esplanade, which will be permitted only on published allowed days.

Official Registration: August 6th and August 7th – 08:00 to 17:00, at Headquarters
Opening Ceremony/Parade: August 6th – 19:00 at the Esplanade
Mandatory Safety Briefing: August 7th – 19:30 at Headquarters
First Team Leader Meeting: August 7th – 20:30 at Headquarters
Official training day: August 8th
Contest Flying Days: August 9th to August 18th
Prize-Giving & Closing Ceremony: August 19th – 10:00 at Headquarters

The programme is subject to change with CIVL approval. Any changes will be posted on the website.

Daily Schedule

On training and competition days:
• 8:00 Headquarters open
• 10:20 Team Leader meeting (at take-off site)
• 10:50 Task and Safety Committee meetings
• 11:15 Pilot briefing/Task briefing
• 12:15 Take-off window opens
• 17:00: Scoring office opens (at HQ)
• 21:00: Provisional results published

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the website.


Organizing NAC: CBVL – Confederação Brasileira de Voo Livre
Competition Organizer: Francisco Magalhães dos Santos (aka Chico Santos)
Public and Press Relations: Marcelo Araripe


Event Organizer: Chico Santos
Meet Director: Cid Maestrini
Safety Director: Lucas Machado
Rescue Coordinator: Lucas Machado
Live Tracking Coordinator: Paulo Guilherme (Koka)
Weather Forecast: Lucas Machado
Scorer: Claudio Veloso
Doctor: On daily basis
Headquarters Coordinator: Marcelo Araripe
Take-Off Marshal: Carlos Gomes
Goal Marshal: Nani Baez
Public and Press Relations: Marcelo Araripe
Photography & Video: Sérgio Kawakami
FAI Steward: Mitch Shipley (USA)
FAI Assistant Steward: Igor Erzen (SVN)
FAI Jury President: Dennis Pagen (USA)
FAI Jury Members: Trudy Craddock (GBR), Fabio Loro (ITA)

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